A fellow blogger did this challenge a few days ago and I thought I would join in! It was fun reflecting on things that I don’t think about everyday and recording these little, random, nuances that make me, ME!

  1. I have anxiety about mixing colors when doing laundry. When my laundry is sorted, it looks like a rainbow of colored clothing strewn across the room.
  2. I have never played a group sport.
  3. I don’t like hot dogs, but if on the rare occasion I eat one, I cut off the ends first and discard them. 
  4. I was named after Heather Locklear. (Mom was a T.J. Hooker fan)
  5. I don’t have a middle name. 
  6. I won a cash scholarship for my college entry essay. 
  7. My guilty pleasure is chocolate chip cookie dough. 
  8. I don’t untie my shoes when I take them off. 
  9. Ive lived in Southern California for most of my life, but also lived in Northern California and Utah. 
  10. Growing up, I primarily played with the neighborhood boys and most of my scars are from me attempting to do things to keep up with them. 
  11. I dip my French fries in BBQ sauce mixed with Ranch. 
  12. I have boxes full of old journals that I someday want to compile in chronological order for posterity. 
  13. I have saved every birthday card, letter, postcard, and invitation I have ever received. 
  14. I cant sleep without socks on. 
  15. I don’t own a microwave. 
  16. I hate raw tomatoes. 
  17. I have 4 siblings. 
  18. I am a good listener, but If I get excited about a certain topic then expect frequent interruption. 
  19. My favorite number has always been 28. 
  20. I am an over thinker and can easily spend hours thinking and writing down my ideas. 
  21. Google is my lifeline. 
  22. When I get obsessed with a song, I literally play it over and over on repeat until I get sick of it. 
  23. I cannot keep potted plants alive. 
  24. I learned to read before Kindergarten with the help of my Mother and a children’s dictionary. 
  25. I have a pitbull named Bowie, named after David Bowie. I love all Classic Rock music and Bowie just felt right. 
  26. My favorite flower is peony. 
  27. I am a gemini, through and through. 
  28. I am afraid of heights, flying, and spiders.
  29. My favorite movie is ‘Top Gun.’
  30. I get bored very easily, but yet I am so busy that I am never bored!

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