To exercise patience we have to accept things at times that cannot be changed and face them. Sometimes when things happen in our lives that were unforeseen, we find ourselves devastated. I am a big believer in the adage that “Everything happens for a reason,” But, I do admit that I have difficulty applying this to my own life. Every single piece of advice I have been given about something that is troubling me, be it a relationship, my job, my son, finances etc.. has been ” wait and see” or “just give it time.” This is hard to do because we feel so strongly that we cannot possibly bear life with this change or this stage in our lives. “Wait” they say. Easier said than done! We push for things and lose patience, because we feel that time will change things; that the moment will pass; feelings will fade; someone will buy out all of our size in the new Steve Madden snakeskin pumps.

I know I need to be more patient in my relationships. Especially in my relationship with my son. It is easy for me to “lose my cool” with him when he does something unfavorable. It helps me to just take deep breaths and tell myself that he is young and learning and to be patient. It would not be smart for me to just give Jake whatever he wants when he wants it, and so I exercise patience in that regard. I have learned that I can never give up on him. I should never give up on anyone for that matter, especially myself.

One day in the future, I hope to look back at my hardships and  be thankful for them. I may even laugh and say “Wow, What was I thinking?” or “I am really glad that worked out that way because if it didn’t then such and such wouldn’t have happened” It would be nice if we got everything just how we wanted it and then said ” OK, STAY.” Every new person that comes into your life changes you. Every moral dilemma or emotional experience changes you. It’s your job to decide if it changes you for the best or not. That is how we develop character. I try to just make the best out of every situation and trust that God’s plan is way better than the one I think I have.


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