This holiday season I have been really reflective on how we have forgotten the meaning of Christmas. It is centered on the idea, that it doesn’t cost you anything to be nice. The best gifts we can give cannot be bought or put on lay-away. Our time spent with those we care about is more precious than a beautiful, gold ribbon trimmed package from Santa. (yes, I still believe in him.) The things we acquire in this lifetime do not go with us when we pass. Some of us spend so much time chasing wealth and “things,” that we forget those that matter and simply overlook what will truly make us happy. “The things you own, end up owning you.” It is simple and true.

The reason I bring this up, is that I noticed something a few days before Christmas. I was at the mall with my bargain goggles on, all around me the hustle and bustle of last-minute shoppers. When I slowed my own panic-stricken “will I ever get all my shopping done in time?” mind down, I began to take note of what the people around me were doing and saying. There was a teenager with headphones on complaining because her mother wouldn’t buy her one more outfit; a woman arguing with her husband on which particular game to buy their son; people pushing and shoving without a single ‘Excuse Me’ spoken, cashiers who were probably underpaid and over-worked who acted annoyed when you took longer than 3 seconds to get out your credit card, or when you forgot to push the green button on the machine asking if your to be charged amount was correct. When did we lose the Christmas spirit? We are all humans, so why do we treat each other, people we don’t even know, and especially those we love, like animals. I tried to say that it was typical to have a less than positive experience at the mall when you are there a few days before Christmas, but the reality is, we are a greedy people driven by our own purposes, not afraid to push anyone down in our midst. Christmas has become “why don’t you buy me this?” or ” I want this” instead of ” Wow, thank you, that is so nice of you to think of me and surprise me with a gift.” And worse of all it has become commercial and not “Christ centered.”

Let us not forget the real reason for the season was that Christ gave us the ultimate gift. A gift that we can never repay. The least we can do to honor him for the price of the gift He gave us, is to serve and love others and store up treasures in heaven instead of on earth.

Hope you all enjoyed the season and Have a Happy New Year!



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