Imagine being kept in captivity since birth, growing a thick coat of wool every year and then a shearer who is not paid by the hour, but by volume handles you very roughly in their hurried effort to shear your wool. One million of your kind will die of exposure because you were sheared prematurely. Sounds like a pretty lame life, and for what? Oh, because Cosmetic companies are the #1 purchasers of Lanolin. What’s Lanolin? Imagine not showering for days. You know that greasy build-up in your hair? Now imagine never, ever showering and living in a steam room. Well, imagine putting that greasy build-up on your face. #yuck Lanolin or “the excretion from wool-bearing mammals” is found in most lipsticks, lotions, diaper rash cream, shampoo, shaving cream, nipple cream, and makeup removers.

If you aren’t grossed out enough keep reading:

You know all the animal parts that the slaughter house didn’t use? The fat, blood, bones, offal, brain matter, eyes, cartilage, tendons, feathers and fur. Where do they go? The answer is a horrible place called a Rendering Plant. These are places which take animals/animal parts from farms, roadkill, feed lots, veterinarians, (yes that’s right your sweet family dog who had to be euthanized) and shelters. YOU can even bring a dead animal to them and they will take it as if it was an inanimate piece of furniture you don’t want anymore! So, they take the animals and they throw them all in a pot and they boil it down until they get what they’re after: The thin layer that rises to the top which is used as filler in our cosmetics. All the hormones, antibiotics, cancers, and diseases that the animals had are in this filler as well. The Tallow and Lard as it’s called, created from this process goes in your lipstick. You.Are.Putting.Animal.Fat. On your lips! Tallow is the most common ingredient in Personal Care and Food products. There are safer ingredients out there but the cosmetic and skincare industries use the animal by products because it’s cheaper. It’s difficult to identify reliable vegan companies and products. Labels don’t always state the origin of every ingredient, and it can be hard to even differentiate because many cosmetic ingredients can be derived from either plants OR animals.

Personally, I find all of this disturbing. It’s gross, it’s harmful, it’s not compassionate.

We need to show more 💕 for the creatures who share this planet 🌍 with us. I’m doing my part by only supporting cruelty-free companies. I don’t even like the fact that the cutie in the photo above (not me the other one😂) is being used for “petting.” I love that #Arbonne is in alignment with my views on animals and they guarantee that we will always provide vegan products! No exceptions! We were Vegan before it was a thing! #worldveganday is everyday at Arbonne!

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