In life we often hear about how the little things are the big things, but sometimes it is really the big things that are the big things. Small things matter.   A small gesture of appreciation, a text out of nowhere to let you know you’re on someones mind, or even holding the door open for a stranger. These things matter and don’t cost a lot of money. They can instantly improve a bad mood or make a bad day better and brighten a life.

But this weekend, for me it was the big gestures that got me. My awesome friend Jamie, drove 7 hours to come hang out. She came to visit and share with me an amazing opportunity that has changed her life. I have personally seen the change in her through this opportunity.  She glows!  I had known all along that the business venture she had embarked on could be really positive and help me live out even my wildest dreams, but I was too afraid to take the risk… Thanks fear and limiting beliefs! (I can write a whole other post about that later.) But Jamie, bless her heart, did not let me say NO as I had previously done in so many areas in my life. I am floored at her ambition and thoughtfulness.

You see, her visit made me think about the things we do for the people in our lives who really matter. When we care about someone, obstacles don’t really matter. Not time. Not money. Not geography.  When you have this really great business model, with really great people that promotes health and wellness and women empowering other women, you do the hard things.   I am so glad she decided I was worth the (annoyingly) long drive.

Because that’s just it. I AM worth it. You are worth it. We are all worth it. We all deserve to be happy, and successful, and loved, and to eat a big plate of nachos on cheat day, (because YOLO!) and to find the Magic that exists in the world. We need to change the way we think of ourselves. We are humans, but more importantly we are sons and daughters of GOD. Of GOD!  When you remember that, you can do anything! You can move a mountain if you try. If you really want to. If your heart is in it. If you have Faith. And let’s think for a minute, when was the last time you said ” YES” to your dreams, when was the last time you went balls out and heart in? When you said screw it and just did something that scared you? When was the last time you showed up in a really big way?  Mine was Saturday.

Incredible things can happen my friends when you do something big. Fear is paralyzing you. Comparison of others will not change you.  Make no space in your life for those things that do not serve you. We need to flip the script on how we view ourselves. We need to do the big scary things, like jumping in the car on a whim. To be the miracle in someone’s life. To turn the little things in to the big things. The small thought or idea into a big plan.  And to buy the lip gloss even though you have 34343094830984 others similar to it. ( I am the only one who does that right?) Be the glow-getter.




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